Thursday, February 23, 2006

To start with...

As the site title suggests, this blog will contain various and eclectic quotes that appeal to me at the time. The quotes will be extremely random-- from extremely serious, to outright comical. Some might seem sacriligious, but I put them up just because they present an idea I've never thought of before, not meaning that I support their claims, but that the thought was unique, and to point out the error of the idea. Some quotes will include commentary by myself, all are open for discussion and comments. Some are for your enjoyment, some meant for instruction. Some may appeal to you, others may not. Some you may agree with, others you may not. Some will be one-liners, others poems or song lyrics.
With all that said, enjoy The Quotable Zach.


Blogger Divided_Heart said...

Love it!!! This will be one of my I'll have to do another link on my xanga soon...I like your quotes and I understand about having all sorts...

1:13 AM


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