Thursday, April 19, 2007

Innocent Love

Innocent Love

Verse 1:

Yesterday I saw your face
So beautiful, I was amazed

Yesterday I was lost of words to say
I was shock that it was you

Steering right into my eyes
Steering right into my eyes


Innocent, Innocent love
Pure and in green

Innocent love
Standing next to me

Verse 2:

Obviously am not over you
I’m in no state of mind to move along

Obviously I still feel for you
It’s not the same sleeping without you by my side

Cause I still have all those memories
Pictures and other things of you and me


Can this be a sign that soon
That you and I will be reunited

Can this be a sign that true love
Will never fade away

But you’re not coming back to me
But you're not coming back to me

Back to chorus:

Ending Chorus:

Your innocent to me
Your innocent to me

Innocent love
Pure and dressed in green

Innocent love
you were standing next to me

written and composed
by Kingsley K. Charles


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