Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Derek Webb

i am my beloveds and my beloved’s mine. So you bring all your history and i’ll bring the bread and wine. And we’ll have us a party where all the drinks are on me-- Derek Webb (Song-- Lover)

The first time I heard this, I thought it was sacriligious...but wow, after paying attention to the lyrics and seeing what Derek had Jesus saying, it blew me away!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Winnie Foster, I will love you until the day I die—Jesse Tuck (Tuck Everlasting)

The background for this quote is crucial for its significance. In the movie Tuck Everlasting Winnie Foster, a normal mortal teen-age girl falls in love with a 17-year old boy, Jesse Tuck, who is immortal. Near the end of the film when the two are about to go separate ways, Jesse pledges to love Winnie till the day he will die, which will be forever...Wow!

Friday, February 24, 2006


Death is just another path, one which we all must take—Gandalf (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Yesterday in psychology class, my teacher taught about death, and had us draw out the timeline of our life, from birth till the date in which we think we'll die. Then we had to answer 8 questions, like what's the thing you fear greatest about death, if you died now-greatest regret, what do you hope to have accomplished, how do you want to die, etc. I'd never given too much thought to those questions...thus the amazing quote by Gandalf!
Another great quote to go along with the theme...

We mortals are but shadows and dust--Proximo (Gladiator)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

To End all Wars

What happens when you look into the eyes of your enemy, and you see yourself-- Ernest Gordon (To End all Wars)

An incredible movie about allied soldiers in a Japanese POW camp who are treated in an unbelieveably inhumane manner. At the end, most of the POWs have learned and shown mercy and justice towards their captors. But one prisoner turns out to be just as vicious and inhumane as the Japanese. An incredibly powerful quote!

To start with...

As the site title suggests, this blog will contain various and eclectic quotes that appeal to me at the time. The quotes will be extremely random-- from extremely serious, to outright comical. Some might seem sacriligious, but I put them up just because they present an idea I've never thought of before, not meaning that I support their claims, but that the thought was unique, and to point out the error of the idea. Some quotes will include commentary by myself, all are open for discussion and comments. Some are for your enjoyment, some meant for instruction. Some may appeal to you, others may not. Some you may agree with, others you may not. Some will be one-liners, others poems or song lyrics.
With all that said, enjoy The Quotable Zach.